Leadership Opportunities

Leadership Opportunities

Trustees represent the will of the church in all its legal actions.

Board Officers serve in leadership capacities as the church seeks to fulfill its ministry under the headship of Christ. They seek to build up the church in every way.

Teachers nurture the spiritual growth of all who are entrusted to their care. They embody God’s good news in Jesus Christ and seek to communicate it to others in life transforming ways.

Elders are elected male and female spiritual leaders of the congregation. They are gifted with a grasp of the gospel exemplified in word and deed. They give disciplined expression of the faith in teaching and in praying at the Lord’s Table. They have vision of the church and its mission and are dedicated to expressing it in wise counsel.

Deacons are also elected male and female leaders of the congregation. They are gifted with the ability to assist in the ministration of baptism and Holy Communion. They assist in pastoral care and in spiritual discipline. They fulfill administrative responsibilities in the conduct of the church’s work.

Youth Member Interns (YMI) provide assistance and fill positions that interest them. YMIs help work the sound board during worship, operate multimedia presentations during the service, and collect attendance booklet information after worship. These youth assist with vital ministry functions in the church, their work is tracked and recorded, and this experience can be used on college or work applications.