Other Services

Other Worship Services

In addition to regular weekly services, we also observe the following services and opportunities for commitment and renewal:

  • Child or Infant Dedication. During the service of infant dedication, the parents covenant to bring the child up in a Christian manner. The family of the infant or child covenants to provide the support which all parents need. Finally, the congregation covenants to pray for and with the parents and to support them as a Christian community.
  • The Sacrament of Baptism. Some traditions baptize infants; Disciples baptize by immersion at the point a person makes a profession of faith in Jesus Christ. Baptism is offered by request and when needed, not on any particular schedule. We conduct baptisms during the 10:30 AM Sunday service, and at other times by request and special arrangement with the pastor.
  • Marriage. We offer marriage ceremonies in a variety of formats. Weddings may be formal or informal, and may be conducted in the church or another appropriate location. We strongly suggest that those wishing to be married contact the pastor at least six months in advance of the desired date. This is necessary to allow time for the required pre-marriage counseling and to insure the availability of the church.
  • Christian Burial. Funeral services are conducted as needed and requested. Families should consult with the pastor as soon as possible when scheduling services. We can help minimize the stress at such a difficult time; before a loved one dies, we can provide forms and plans which you can complete ahead of time and have ready long before the event. You may also choose to do this for your own burial service; not only will this spare your survivors some grief, it will ensure your own wishes will be known and respected.
  • Ash Wednesday. The celebration of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. Since we have no book of worship services in the Christian Church, different churches celebrate Ash Wednesday in different ways. Traditionally, the service ends with placing a cross made of ash on the forehead; the ash is the burned leaves of the palm plant from the previous year's Palm Sunday celebration. Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter, and remembers Christ's entry into Jerusalem before he was crucified. Some people leave the ash cross on their forehead until the next morning; othes wash it off as soon as the service is complete. 
  • Maundy Thursday. The Thursday before Easter is traditionally known as Maundy Thursday or Holy Thursday. The Christian Church does not have any specific service order for this service, but FCC has celebrated Maundy Thursday in the past. This service commemorates the Last Supper; the word maundy comes from the Latin mandatum meaning command or instruction.