FCC Worship

About Our Worship at First Christian Church


The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) began on the frontiers of America, and traces its roots back to the mid-1800s during revival known as the Second Great Awakening. Those early Disciples resisted traditions like creeds, prayer books, and rigid theologies. Disciples have no standard format for worship. Because of this, our services may be very different from congregation to congregation, and from church to church.

Our worship service centers on the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper, also referred to as Communion or Eucharist. We also include music, song, hymns, prayer, and responsive readings in our worship services. On special occasions such as Christmas, Easter, World Communion Sunday, and All Saints Day, we sometimes modify our standard worship service. Words to songs and congregational prayers are projected for you to follow. You can rely on our Worship Leader, David Hurley, and our weekly Bulletin to guide you through the service. 

Weekend Service Schedule

Sunday at 10:30 AM, the “main” service of the week, with organ and piano music and hymns sung with the choir. Contemporary music, praise choruses, and solos or special group music are also added on occasion. Children from ages 4 to 12 remain with their parents until the Children’s Sermon, and are then are invited to attend Children’s Church where an age-appropriate lesson is taught by our Children’s Education Director and staff. Children's church is an active lesson and music time expanding on what was introduced during the children's sermon.  All children ages 4-12 are invited to attend.

Sunday at 5:00 PM, the “contemporary” service, with guitar music to accompany singing of contemporary Christian music by the congregation. This service includes scripture reading from the Old Testament, Psalms, New Testament, and often the New Testament letters.

Weekday Service Schedule

Every Wednesday beginning at 6:15 PM, dinner is served in the Fellowship Hall. The cost is $5 per adult and $3 per child under 12 years old. There is a maximum charge per family of $20. Following dinner, the children have Children’s Choir and a Bible lesson. Adults participate in a variety of Christian Education studies including such topics as Disciple Beliefs, Theology, Psalms, Spirituality, and Hospitality. These studies are in a discussion and lecture format and are led by the pastor.

Christian Ministry

At First Christian Church, these services are led by ministry teams of men and women. In the Disciples of Christ, our ministers are referred to as Commissioned or Ordained. An Ordained minister has completed seminary or an equivalent program of study under a mentor. A commissioned minister is either a minister preparing for ordination, or a lay person who does not intend to seek ordination. First Christian Church’s pastor, Bob Palmer, has an M.Div. from Memphis Theological Seminary and is an Ordained Disciples of Christ minister.